Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I was sent a human hair full lace unit from to review. This is a unit that I could almost throw on without thinking. VIDEO REVIEW COMING SOON. I'm getting over my straight and long trend with my lace units, and I think I will try a more modest 14 - 16" length.  So far so good with the unit. Getting a unit for review is one of the perks to making beauty videos on youtube, but it's not all lollipops with all venders. No shade to Rpgshow (I have loved dealing with them) but like in business there is SOME who get on your damn nerve with demands, and unreasonable time restraints. Some communication is difficult because of a language barrier, many are located in China. Some seem to care less if you are content but rather have you get the review posted on youtube.  I've been asked not to review wigs from companies' competitors and that is just a lil' taste of what happens behind the scenes.

~Keep it real Family

STYLE # PTS003-S         
COLOR : 1B         


  1. i wonder whats the processing behind wig making. for example where in the world does human kinky hair come from? if Yaki is mimicking afro textured hair then how is it indian? i need to see a documentary about this type of stuff lol!

  2. @WordSpeak Thank you :O)
    @TONYA I like this, I also saw another review on youtube and it looked great cut and styled

  3. @Mikey Well how the hair is obtained and from where is touched on in the movie "Good Hair". It's interesting , a very polarized topic.

  4. That unit looks really good on you, but I don't think that I can afford it... That's one of the reasons why I haven't started wearing wigs.

  5. Good look ÁE. Hmmmm on d behind d scenes goings on lol

  6. Girl yes...they can be a trip! I had to stop dealing with a certain company cause they sent me a trash wig but kept pressuring me to review I did. As a result, I did that Chinese Virgin??? video...and it was full of "drama". They wanted I gave it to them (with a little "extra" of From now on, I'll have to send the unit back if it is unflattering and I only request wigs that I think I can work random wigs! This one looks nice...and I happen to really love RPGShow...they've been super cool!

  7. I don't play that, its on my time table. Some are just too hasty . Like "come on son".
    @NaturallyMe2006 you don't have to start off wearing human hair, synthetics come very affordable, and can last a while with proper care. I will do some more reviews on synthetics in a few.

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