Thursday, December 29, 2011


I've learned in the year 2011, " if you believe it, you can achieve it ." So often, it's easier to blame circumstance for your lack of achievement and personal fulfillment.  Throughout my 29 years on earth, I understand that life may not hand you the easy road, but you have the ability to create uncharted success and a path with purpose. Passion, dedication, motivation, and positive thinking habits has worked in my favor this year, and I will continue and grow and nurture this way of thinking for years to come. What are your resolutions and short and long term goals for 2012?.

 GOALS  (short and long term):

  • Lose 15 pounds with in the first three months of the new year, 
  • Purge my overflowing closet (can we say BLOG SALE)
  • Blog regularly
  • Travel more 
  • Save MORE
  • Become a homeowner 
  • Eat dinner with family regularly (at the dinner table)
  • Exercise my mind and body regularly
  • Work, feature & collaborate  with bloggers and vloggers I admire:  SherryBlossomBeauty, TheManeSource, SammyDavisVintage, PhillyDiva9154, Destiny Godley, StylePantry, BisaNation, Afrobella,  Whoissugar and so many more to name
  • Create a series where I encourage and inspired by sharing my personal story, experience, and trials 

(I'm not scared to add to the list. Progression is ongoing just as goal making should be.)


  1. This blog reminds me of Fantasy by Earth Wind & Fire. The song is also saying if you see it, you can believe it, therefore you can achieve it.
    Great post. Expecting great things from you next year. Praying they all come true.
    Much love,

  2. SYNCOPAL EPISODE MOMENT! Do you know how much I have loved your vlog and now LOVE your blog!!!1 Girl I'm definitely down to collaborate with you! You're amazing. But am I crazy to admit that I was ready to write before I even finished reading to say IM DOWN FOR A BLOG SALE!!!! Love your thrift hauls! Back to collaborating. I am ready when you ARE!!!! Email me and lets bounce back and forth ideas. You're dynamite I love it!

  3. @Makeup By Sherry Blossom. I got you girl. I will DM you or message you on YT. 2012 is going to be an amazing year