Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hard to believe it's true that one of America's greatest vocal talents dies today. Wikipedia has updated her D.O.D. It's been a mind boggling Black History Month. Losing Don Cornelius to suicide and now Whitney. Her addiction and struggle with drug dependancy was no secret, but we all were hoping for the best, and most importantly recovery, and if we're lucky a musical comeback. Sadly the life of drug addiction is all too common, and our celebrities aren't exempt. If there are loved ones who you know struggle with drug addiction, do all that you can to help and not enable . Prayers and condolences go to the Houston family.


  1. this i sa woman who OWNED any stage she touched and to see how her life suddenly ended was sad. Hope this turns Bobbi Christina life around.. smh

  2. i read about Whitney Houston in Read 180 i love her and miss her R.I.P. Whitney

  3. I know this is late, but you're absolutely right no celeb OR individual is exempt from bad/challenging situations, and we should all have that faith and hope for one another than glorifying the worst case scenarios, there's so much hate in this world, which makes it harder for people, but RIP Whitney, she was/is surely one of the greatest voices known to this earth..The voice.