Friday, February 3, 2012


Willow Smith's latest hairdo, recently surfaced! She's bald! Well, not completely. This young lady is fearless, not because she doesn't have mid-back length hair, but she dances to the beat of her own drummer. She's an inspiration and role model for her peers and young people all over the world, whether she knows it or not. Although her  famous families' demographic will keep her protected from the "typical" ignorance, and taunting that would be allowed in a traditional public schools, she's the example of a confident, self assured, creative child, that has been nurtured and she is blossoming. Can't wait to see this "fireball of the party" does next.


  1. I wonder if she's acting out because of her parents' divorce or if she's just being an individual. It looks good. I hope it's not the former.

  2. She wanted to shave her head a couple of years ago but Will wasn't comfortable with it (I don't think Jada was either)so Jada compromised with her and let her shave the sides which is how she ended up with that mohawk hairstyle.Looks like she stuck to it and got what she wanted.

  3. Luv' the new hair cut ! If I had the face I'll do it too !
    Cool blog !

    Biz Laura Nd

  4. They are getting a divorce? really?