Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I had the pleasure to try out and review I Love My Fro's  Orange Vanilla Shea Butter Whip. Being an admirer of Harmony, her hair and her videos on youtube I was more than happy to review one of her products. When it arrived over the holidays the product was shipped and packaged nicely, with the sweetest touch of leopard print tissue paper, and a few business cards thrown in .  After opening the jar I noticed it experiencing ingredient separation,  but it mixed well after a quick stir. I'm sure with some tweaks to the formulation, the issue of separation can be completely eliminated.   Maybe it's the Virgo in me, but I want perfection, and I can be very critical. These same gripes and complaints can either make businesses stronger, improving where needed, or they can be ignored, leaving small businesses to flounder while they compete for the consumer dollar.  
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PRODUCT REVIEW (5 star system)

Cost:  Moderate ***
Smell: Smells like yummy Vanilla and Orange  *****
Texture:  Light and creamy and absorbed easily into hair and skin *****

Overall it's a good shea butter product. It not only contains great oils, but the water content makes it extremely moisturizing. With multiple uses you can make this product stretch, and get the most bang for your buck . 

Product separation is shown in this photo.  Creator should consider reformulation to prevent this.

After applying to dry skin, imparts a nice sheen and locks in moisture with oils and shea butter.

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