Sunday, January 15, 2012


Martin Luther King Jr's. birthday, is when many recognize his selfless contribution to the Civil Rights Movement, yet today my fiance' is "slaving" at work! I can admit as an African American I look forward MLK day and being off from work, but don't use the day to be thankful and recognize his contribution. I recognize and reflect throughout the calendar year.  I'd like to believe that I  use my life and breathe to bring honor to him and those before me. Leaders of yesterday would have heavy hearts if they could see the state of their children's children. Where are our leaders of today? What would Martin say?


  1. preach! they would definitely have heavy hearts; I think he would be disappointed and pushing for us to do better; as parents we have to inspire our kids to be all they can be not what they see in media or what celebrities do thats not real life ok Im get off my soapbox lol great blog :)

  2. I, too, represent Dr. King's dream on the daily. I love the legacy of peace, progression and pride that he personified. However, I'm disappointed in what is embraced by those of African descent today. The struggle for unity, identity, and racial pride continues. The media images that are portrayed are readily embraced though they are negative, and this cycle of negativity continues unchecked. I was on a rant of sorts on his day of observance - please allow me to share this post from my blog: Peace and blessings.