Tuesday, January 17, 2012


OMG. Thinking there was little difference between Sigma makeup brushes and other makeup brushes brands sold online. There totally is a difference. I was sent the Premium Makeup Brush kit for consideration, and what can I say, I was immediately impressed. The packaging was beautiful, the leather roll and brushes were held in a black silk organza drawstring bag.  The brushes are very sleek, and there is quality that you can see and feel. The handles are solid, and have a nice glossy finish with the function and name embossed on each brush. I don't consider myself a brush expert, but I own a little of everything.   This particular brush kit I wouldn't recommend for the makeup novice, but for the professional MUA, or the crazed makeup lover . It retails for $149, and you get 15 premium brushes.  This premium kit has a great selection of face brushes, and my all time favorites being the F25 Tapered Face and F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush . The kit is almost complete although it doesn't contain a flat eyeshadow brush (which are a dime a dozen) or a fan brush.  *Shoulder Shrugs* I'm not missing it.

After the first wash  of the brushes, there was no shedding and the hairs reshaped perfectly.

There is even a lip brush included, which I believe is new. 


  1. Are makeup brushes reeeally that necessary? I've heard that you waste more makeup when you use your fingers, but brushes seem to hold a lot of extra product also.
    I totally think there's a conspiracy going on...*raised eyebrow*

  2. @TotalDivaRea Girl they are, the quality is there, I just need to see how long they last.

    @OneFlyNatural I dunno if its a conspiracy, but more about preference. I don't like to get my hands dirty, and rarely touch my face with my hands. There are some people who can do a full face of makeup with their hands. :O)